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He lived in Manhattan Plaza, a federally subsidized housing complex in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan, across the hall from Kenny Kramer, the inspiration for the Cosmo Kramer character in Seinfeld.

David quit his writing job at SNL in the first season, only to show up to work a few days later acting as though nothing had happened.

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Because of his cranky on-screen persona, the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star, 67, has never had to play nice for fans or paparazzi who spot him in real life.

His ex-wife, Laurie Leonard, told New York magazine their two children sometimes ask David to be friendlier to people who stop him in public. ’ but I can’t see my face, so I don’t know what I look like as I’m doing this, because nothing feels differently.

But David had also been intrigued watching his friend Nora Ephron’s play Lucky Guy, imagining the thrill of live audience laughter. Later, he got an email from the producer Scott Rudin: “You wrote a play? ” It wasn’t David’s intention to star in it, but Rudin persuaded him that audiences would want him in the role (his fellow cast members include Wilson, Rosie Perez, Ben Shenkman, Lewis J. The producer ultimately paired David with Shapiro, who’d proved her ability to take non-theater animals like Chris Rock, in The Motherfucker With the Hat, and Tavi Gevinson, in This Is Our Youth, and make them Broadway-ready.

David has already drawn her into his reality bubble, asking her, for instance, why he needs to change his clothes when he gets to the theater.

He carries this same approach to his dating life, worrying more about finding someone he wants to date than someone who others think is appropriate for him, specifically when it comes to age.