Who is baby birdman dating

We turned something good into something great," Baby argued against detractors.

"When she came and played her music for me, I was taken away, I was excited.

If you thought that Cash Money Records and Paris Hilton was an unlikely pairing, just wait until you hear what the heiress is planning next.

Hilton and Cash Money CEO Birdman walked onto the "Rap Fix Live" set on Wednesday and had a cute moment after a fan asked: "If you had to marry one rapper who would it be? The only marriage that the pair has planned is the marriage of their musical styles. On October 1, Hilton will drop "Good Time," her new single from forthcoming CM album, which also happens to feature the label's flagship artist Lil Wayne.

In the clip, Tamar alludes that the car was a gift, but doesn’t name the person who bought the vehicle.