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Sadly, her relationship with Campbell, on the other hand, encountered its end in the same year yet she quickly found another man, Danny Huston, whom she eventually married shortly thereafter.Born and Birth Virginia Madsen was born on September 11, 1963, in Chicago, Illinois, USA Childhood and Family She was born to Calvin (father) and Elaine Madsen (mother).

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She has taught people a lot and her quotes are very impressive as well.

Little more than a decade ago, Virginia Madsen's Los Angeles house was being repossessed and the only acting offer she had was to star opposite rats.

Within a short time, she made her way to earn a minor role in "Class" (1983), followed by appearances in "Electric Dreams" and "Dune" which both came up in 1984.

Her name came up to the surface when she managed to gain wide-range audience's notice in "Fire with Fire" (1986), consequently led her to gain more roles either in big or small screen productions, most notably the recurring part in ABC's popular series of "Moonlighting" (1985-1989) by 1989.

Fittingly, she was born into a family already well acquainted with the acting world, as well as real-life drama.