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So that space in front of a truck is not meant for a car to cut in…it is meant to help them stop and not deplete the brakes. Definitely not the blind spot, not next to the driver's door, not directly in front in case it can't stop -- those are sometimes called the ' No-Zones'.Actually, the safest spot is behind the truck-- of course, leaving a safe distance.

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They don't understand the space and time needed to start a truck or more importantly stop one," Lackey said.

The braking system is completely different than in cars.

For series of interviews with American workers, I spoke with Thad and Dianna Fellows about what it’s like driving cross-country together for work, and some of the challenges of spending so much time on the road.

The interview that follows has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Pay raises are regular, and your rate goes up if you hit goals each quarter, like making on-time deliveries, driving without accidents, staying under the speed limit, and having more years of experience under your belt. The job can be super lonely, but you can also choose to drive with a partner.

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