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"The Avengers" villain Loki is menacing and mad, but the actor who plays him, Tom Hiddleston, couldn't be more charming and humble, especially about his growing (and extremely devoted) Internet following. You look at the greatest villains in human history, the fascists, the autocrats, they all wanted people to kneel before them because they don't love themselves enough. The night we filmed that, the set in "Stuttgart" is actually downtown Cleveland. It seems like you and Loki are having a lot of fun in that scene. He's much more complicated than your average bad guy. There are those moments where you think he might give in and join Thor... It's really nice when you click with someone and you just have a good chemistry. Maybe make it funny."What's your favorite moment in the movie? It's hard because there are action beats and then there are acting scenes and they feel different.

(Did you know there are sites dedicated just to his voice and his laugh? We were shooting nights so I did that speech at four in the morning, on my own with a group of Cleveland extras who I'd just met that night. I felt quite self-conscious the first time I did it, because I thought, "What if all these people think I'm actually like this? We trust each other, so when you get on set, you can just go at it and key into the zone quicker. It's like playing tennis, you play a different rally with different people. I love it in the third act when they all get together and fight the bad guys.

While most of the nave has been covered in green screen, craftsmen have been building a carved stone balustrade, erected a huge door and decorated the aisles with six foot statues, giant urns and fire pits.

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The cathedral, which is also due to be closed for a further day on Tuesday, May 9, was only able to confirm that it was involved in a "major project" but could not comment further.

Comic book fans, curious passer-bys and celebrity spotters were milling around Palace Green on Thursday as they tried to get a glimpse of what was going on.

Mark Ruffalo had a surprising fan encounter following the Russian premiere of "The Avengers" when a woman jumped into his car and begged him to deliver her drawing to his co-star Tom Hiddleston.

Ruffalo gathered with his fellow castmates Hiddleston, Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansson to launch the superhero epic in Russia last month, but he found himself cornered after one overzealous admirer hopped into his car as he was making his exit. Bruce Banner and his alter ego The Hulk in the film, assumed the female devotee's affections were directed at him, so Ruffalo was stunned to discover that she simply wanted him to pass on a present to movie villain Hiddleston.

) Hiddleston spoke to Moviefone about which movie villains have inspired him, the Tom Hiddleston Tumblrs and how Woody Allen would have directed "The Avengers." (Hiddleston played F. I was informed yesterday that there's a Twitter account for my laugh. " And then you have to go, "Well, Loki believes he's above them, so I have to find it." They were really fun, though. You have one-on-one scenes with just about all of the Avengers. Every actor is different and the chemistry between actors is different. I'd love to see The Avengers with Robert Downey, Jr. I'm sort of a sentimental old goat and I find myself cheering them all on. And I'm really tickled by what happens between the Hulk and Loki at the end. People were laughing so hard, they drowned out some of the dialogue there.