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Many families whose daughters are old enough to get married, encourage them to date RMs, since they are judged to be the most "eligible." This perceived eligibility derives from the fact that young men greatly mature on their missions.

They have spent all their time serving others and relying on the Lord for guidance.

He says you should be a “true friend” and then he defines what a true friend is:“1. A good friend will never have you choose between their way and the Lord’s way. With a true friend it will be easier to live the laws, ordinances, and covenants [of the gospel]. Go talk to your bishop even if you don’t have sins to confess, just talk to him and ask what you can do to help in the ward or if there is anyone he knows who needs to be served. And if their mind is not single to the work, there are things that they might miss, contacts they may not make, lessons they may not teach, and people they may not help to come unto Christ.

Such a person is truly a good friend and an eternal companion.” Never make them choose between your way and the Lord’s way (these should be the same) and it should be easier for them to live and serve as a full time missionary because of you, not the opposite. Sit towards the front in sacrament meeting and in your classes. Not to mention the conflict this may cause within the companionship. I submit to you that the thing that will make you fall in (lasting) love more than any other will be this: become a missionary yourself.

Dotting the top and surrounded by curling filigree were the familiar words “What I Want in a Future Spouse.” I wrote down some stupid things, like dark hair and beautiful brown eyes or someone who is tall — it’s really funny to see how preference changes over time — but then there were more important and personal things, too, some that, as a girl, I don’t think I understood fully.