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Yet and still, it looks like Fanny and 'Twaun--who have been dating since 2009 when we first reported their interesting relationship--are back together.

Fantasia signed on to play Mahalia Jackson in an upcoming film, and reportedly is packing on pounds to do so. She is just her plain self and I love her for that*** I really love Fantasia, but I can see how this relationship will end.

It's as simple as this: Just walk to the promenade from the tender dock, turn right and you'll bump into everything on your to-do list. Sublime, sandy beaches are attached to the hotels, but you must pay admission.

The tourist information office is located on the ground floor of Palais des Festivals (1 boulevard de la Croisette), about five blocks from the tender dock. Prices are listed at access points on the promenade.

Gertrude Stein once said of Oakland, California: "There's no there there." Cannes, sadly, seems to suffer from a similar character flaw.