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The website was launched by Steve Pasternack, who is also behind another infamous dating service, Sugar, that lets young men and women look for older, wealthy suitors, and vice versa.

"For men interested in women, it is quite easy to see if the woman's breast size is to his liking or not, or even the shape and size of her derriere," the website says. There are many women that feel the size of a man's penis is very important to them." However, because a "properly behaved", respectful woman would never dare ask a man how big his penis is or whether he is circumcised, "a woman will date a man perhaps for a few days, weeks or maybe months," just to be disappointed with "what they find," when they finally "take things to a new level," according to the website.

She also realised the photos were only posted on her private Facebook page so the imposter had to be one of her 'friends'.

Verity, of York, said she has no idea who 'Vicki' is or why she stolen her pictures."It has to be someone I have as a friend on Facebook, but I've no idea who, because I've got more than 2,000 friends," she said."When I saw what they had written about how I like boys who are well hung I was angry - that's awful.""I think that most people know it isn't me, but I am from York and I used to do modelling but I don't brag about it. The profile for single Vicki claims she is 5ft 6in, with an 'adventurer' personality.

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