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and friction with the traditional rabbis of the synagogues, the first Christians were small congregations that gathered in large homes for weekly or special meetings.

They operated with strict adherence to YAHWEHS Law and to the Gospels.

‘Abbás Effendi, the eldest of three surviving children of Bahá’u’lláh and His wife Ásíyyih Khánum, was born in Tehran, Iran, on , the day on which the Báb declared His mission in Shiraz (See: Letters of the Living. ‘Abbás Effendi—who, after Bahá’u’lláh passed away, added to His given name the title (the Servant of the Glory)—was named for His paternal grandfather, ‘Abbás, known as Mírzá Buzurg Núrí.

A member of a well-established and distinguished family, Mírzá Buzurg had served the government in many capacities, including the governorship of Burujird and Luristan in western Iran, and was much admired for his accomplishments as a calligrapher and respected as a high government official.

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