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I haven't played long, nor messed with the default settings - however it isn't throwing anything odd in wine so I think it'll be ok. I was running it on Linux Mint afair, on box with 4GB of ram, CPU-integrated graphic card handling two monitors. It's pretty old and most likely this patch was already incorportated (or not in wine, but maybe someone will find this usefull. Just tried to run the game again, since the settings Demorde used are for the most part the same ones I tried back in the days:

EDITIt appears if you put the texture cache beyond anything but 'default' you fixme:advapi: Register Event Source W ((null), L". SC wasn't really an option, but I was able to farm lizards in LOTD On modern box with dedicated GPU it should be playable. Unfortunatelly I have only virtual machines at the moment, so I can't check this myself. f=4&t=2973Again Iam stuck at the very same problem as before:- Game starts- Main Window is opened- no way to create a character or choose a server Syu I also made sure all permissions are set to 777 like clements suggested, but didnt work out Does anyone have an idea?

I am using w From this you can run the Ro R launcher and login and play! Fai"...fixme:advapi: Deregister Event Source (0xcafe4242) stubfixme:rpc: Rpc Server Unregister If Ex (If Spec == (RPC_IF_HANDLE)^0x401c18, Mgr Type Uuid == (null), Rundown Context Handles == 1): stubfixme:advapi: Unregister Trace Guids deadbeef: stubhave you any ideas, what else i should add to existing wine/mono installation? Only one issue - should be used in fullscreen mode, to prevent losing mouse if pointer moved out of window borders.

The launcher seems to push out an error, but still connects fine and gets you ingame. UPD solved by installing mxsml3 before dotnet4 via winetricks UPD2. Back in the past I needed to patch & recompile wine to get WAR works.

My script expects libstdc library right next to the sp-sc-auth binary itself.