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I will say this before we go any further – I really enjoyed both animes, however I do prefer , and I will explain those reasons in the following way: Story, Characters, Art/Animation, Sound and Themes.Both animes do a lot of things right, and a lot of another things wrong but it’s certain other elements that makes make follows Eren Yeager – the son of a doctor who is stuck inside high walls to keep out the Titans – large humanoid creatures who eat people.

Why they do this is unknown, but they nearly wiped out the entire human race.

One day, a titan with armored skin knocks down the wall and kills a lot of Eren’s village – including his mother.

THANK YOU] So, after the anticipated second season of – this wasn’t recommended, but it was something I wanted to watch after I had seen a cosplay (that won the competition) at Hyper Japan last year, and was intrigued.

My friend had actually bought it for me as a birthday present so with nothing new to watch, I decided to give it a go with not really knowing much of the story.

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