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The huge mural painted on the side of the school – that wasn’t there either.

It shows Bolt striking the victory pose that has become his trademark, and which the world knows as the 'lightning bolt’, although Bolt himself calls it 'To Di World’, inspired by a Jamaican dancehall move.

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The school stands on a hill overlooking the running track – a single-storey brick building, not much changed since Bolt was a pupil there.

Although in those days it had pit latrines and now there are proper lavatories, paid for by Bolt – the most trifling of the many acts of munificence that the wealthiest track athlete in the world has bestowed upon his childhood home.

Comment se passe le recrutement, quels profils sont le plus fréquemment recrutés ?

Quel conseil donneriez-vous à quelqu’un qui veut débuter dans cette industrie ?

Quels sont les salaires pour des débutants, et à quelle évolution peut-on s’attendre ?