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Right now I’m missing the only part of the puzzle, a true love by my side…

I think that happiness is real only when shared so this is why I’m here.

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I’m also experienced enough to know that you can’t build a relationships with a pretty face or a masculine body.

So your intelligence, kindness and honesty are way more important for me. I live in the mountains of western North Carolina in USA. I just started to learn Russian a couple of days ago and I love it a lot!

It only took five years of dorm/rave life for me to accrue the life knowledge I have received.

I’m a Sagittarius, which means I’m super creative and stubborn; but there are walls I need to break down because I always want to leap over the boundaries that make me climb ladders and roofs. I also have incredible leadership skills and following abilities. I could not love all of you more and please e-mail me at your pressing relationship questions. On this week’s episode of Unqualified, Anna and Sim sit down with their good friend and musician Josh Ostrander (MONDO COZMO)!

On the other hand, sexually experienced AGBM said they stopped having sex if there was not an available partner they had interest in, or to improve their romantic relationship.