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Every year over 130 million babies set foot on this planet. Just like there can’t be too many restaurants serving same cuisine, there can’t be many organizations saying “me too”. It takes a heterogeneous mix of confidence, risk tolerance, self-discipline, determination and competitiveness to start a business and see it through to success.

But the according to statistics less than 10% of world’s population is self employed; within them 3% are business owner; among them only 1% business survives (10 years) with 0.4% earning $ 10M in revenue and 0.04% earning $50M in revenue. The only three essential an entrepreneur needs to establish his business is a small amount of capital, strong work ethics and persistence. The risk of taking giving their idea shape is what leads them towards success.

She lived with them for many years and then went to see another doctor to fix the surgery, but it ended up messing up her breast again."I'm not happy with it," Lanique says.

"You just bury your head in the sand like an ostrich with your ass shooting up in the air and pretend it doesn't exist, and that's exactly what I did."2. Paul Nassif reveal how much sex they had during medical school.

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