Consolidating to gmail

This post explains how I did it, and how you can do the same.

consolidating to gmail-77

Ever had someone reply to an email using a fresh subject line and ended up with several different email conversations – all about the same thing, but at different stages of the conversation? Here is a great little hack you can use to get around this very common and inconvenient issue.

Remember – make sure you keep private emails out of the thread history within a conversation. Share them with the Active Inbox community in the comments section below!

Choose the destination folder (probably Contacts under Personal Folders for your account), verify the action, and click Finish.

Any addresses with unrecognizable names will be listed first with only the e-mail address, but other contacts will appear alphabetically by last name.

Last weekend, I moved several thousand messages to a new account at, leaving my once busy @address as a plain-vanilla forwarder going to a more modern service, one that works effortlessly with all my devices. My primary work email address is associated with my business domain and is hosted on an Exchange Server run by Intermedia.