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I wonder if they offer delivery services: “Guaranteed to arrive frozen or your money back.”Chicago is known for its great museums. I hear Oprah wants the south-west corner penthouse so on a clear day she can see her other home… And not to be outdone, nearby Evanston unveiled plans for a 49-story condominium skyscraper that would be the largest building in Chicago’s SUBURBS. If you haven’t been to “the Cell” since the name change, check it out. But just to remind us this was Chicago, a huge lightening storm appeared out of nowhere complete with loud crashing thunder.

He said to CNN that he doesn't get bothered he's "5'9" and people call me short". On his own Twitter he also gave another height: "5'8.5". Also compare him with Sacha Baron Cohen on the red carpet. Also shows that the girl is just an arrogant, insecure, jealous hater.

I just thought it was a bitch move."Bai Ling and Blu Cantrell are the latest victims of taking a fashion day off.

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Also, Seacrest looked taller than legit 5'7" James Mc Avoy on video, so that's another example to those who think Mc Avoy is taller than he claims.

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    After the success of Hater, the dating app that matches you with people who hate the same things you do, we’re pretty confident Lime will have no problems hooking in users. After her recent blind date set up by an octopus was such a success, it seems like a good bet.

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    Of course, they were limited by the technology available at that time.

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    PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gwen Stefani The next day, Gwen was speaking with fans on Twitter and one person shared a photo of her beau Blake Shelton and told Gwen how lucky she is to be dating the country singer.

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    He is a bro living in the same world you are, and he’s (probably) not an idiot.