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Both his opening quad toe-triple toe combination and first triple Axel earned huge grades of execution.Jin, who is one of the few skaters attempting four of the four-revolution jumps in his free skate, also fell on one of his quad attempts.Patrick Chan led the way, coming back from third place after the short program to win the men’s gold medal.

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They’re not usually a team that I particularly adore but they bring it in the CD.

Fun fact: I was thinking about the dance pattern for next season and guessed that it was going to be the Paso and it turns out I was right!

Despite having a start value more than eight points greater than Chan, he only got the edge on the technical mark by a quarter of a point due to the execution of the elements.

But it was on the components side where Chan really made up ground, outscoring Jin by more than 14 points to take gold with an overall score of 279.72 to 278.54. With his victory earlier in the season at Skate Canada International, Chan is now qualified for the Grand Prix Final in December. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan) Osmond had been the short program leader after a very solid performance that only included a minor turnout on the landing of her double Axel.

- Last night, the first 2016 world champion was crowned.

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