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(1589 Views) ' Why Good Girls Don't Marry First' - Nigerian Lady Explains / Why Girls Don't Reply Your Messg(facebook) / 10 Statements Ladies Make To Scare Guys When They Initiate Sex (1) (2) (3) (4) When I searched online for some answers, I got multiple reasons why girls don’t usually initiate chats as expected. The reason/s why girls don’t initiate chats are as follows:1)She could be a shy person naturally.

This girl that doesn’t initiate chats with you might be a shy person, who doesn’t know what to say.

In community after community, vulnerable young teenagers are still at risk from grown men online. Even when men know it’s against the law, know there’s a chance they’ll be apprehended, men still show up at a house where they were told a child is home alone and willing to have sex with them.

This time among the suspected predators caught on tape are three military men — two served in Iraq. Again, we want to warn you, some of what you'll read below is explicit.

Some prefer to talk to you on phone or in person, so they hardly initiate chats online, that would involve lots of typing. They think initiating a chat with you might be received as bothering you.