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Chris had a chat with Christophe about his theories on improving road safety. One-third of Aussie kids own fewer than 11 books according to some new research and local bookshops want to increase book ownership and improve literacy.

It’s all suburban ordinaryness and when put together an unusual story of social disconnection and isolation is told.

This “news from nowhere” is quite fascinating to watch and has an odd resonance.

For a physical and electronic place where nothing really happens the results are surprisingly interesting.

There’s no dare-devils, there’s no going viral and there’s no pets doing funny things.

Even in situations where clothes are unnecessarily restrictive or inconvenient really hot days at the beach, lounging around at home, or long days at work most of us bow to social pressure and button up our shirts. Within sixty kilometres of Perth are three excellent (although questionably legal) nude beaches, which you'll be welcome at so long as you follow nudist etiquette: don't litter, take unsolicited photographs, have sex, and if your bum's bare, throw a towel on the chair.