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And with hundreds of Facebook friends we barely know and dozens of instant messaging apps, it seems inevitable that we have to tune out some of the communication.

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In total, we spoke on the phone 3.9 per cent less in 2013 than a year earlier and the slight (1.4 per cent) increase in mobile calls wasn’t enough to make up for the 10.7 per cent drop in landline conversations. The many messaging apps and email options seems to have created a gradient of communication, so that the phone call is no longer the standard way of conversing long distance, but a relatively intimate affair.

Rachel, 24, says that she used to speak to all her girlfriends on the phone but now only calls a select few.

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    The phone service provider (Verizon, Sprint, ATT etc.) delivers the message for the user through the cellular network as opposed to the Internet. It is entirely possible, and highly likely, that users will utilize both the phone carrier’s network to send SMS messages, while also using a messaging app to communicate over the phone's Internet (data) connection.

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    These metrics have a greater level of accuracy, no matter what the ranking.

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